• ECO is a RO-DI model specially designed to reduce initial investment costs and targeted at cleaning of Window and PV Panels.

  • RODI BLUE SERIES: for cleaning of mid and large scale PV Parks and Smooth Facades using tap water

  • RODI BLACK SERIES: for cleaning of mid and large scale PV Parks using water from wells.

  • New DI-170, DI-240 and DI-340 systems on quality cart, full equiped and with high level of functionality. Carbon prefilter is included.

  • The new series of portable zios-R DI Systems are now available at 7 and 11 liters. Carbon prefilter is included.

  • New Water Fed Brushes at 32cm and 55cm. Both come with 4 pencil jets. Standard angle neck. Available also with rinse bar.

  • Pad systems are now available at two lengths: 24cm with 2 pencil jets and 48cm with 4 pencil jets. Available also with rinse bar.

  • Three models are available and can boost the productivity of your RO sytem or they can supply 1 to 5 operators as delivery pumps.

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