The Static RO-DI system is specially designed to reduce initial investment costs, to minimize operational costs, aiminig to fulfill a tank with pure water for cleaning Windows and PV Panels. The RO-DI Static produce high volume * of pure water (300 to 420 l/h ) at zero (0) ppm of TDS.


Machine operational costs are very-very low comparing with all deionization systems in the market.  Water treatment is implemented at four stages including: 20'' sediment filter, 20'' chlorine filter (carbon active), reverse osmosis membrane and deionization filter (7 l resin polisher). As a result pure water quality is 0 ppm of TDS.

RO-DI Static model is very simple in operation, facilitating your job to complete it efficiently and safely. It can work automatically filling with pure water any tank either this is van mounted one or this is located on ground.

Static model is very well equipped with pressure gauge, in-out professional TDS meter, in-out valves, float switch, memrane protection system, hydrometer and flow regulator valve.

Although machine is a static water purification system its total footprint is limited (60x60x120 cm). It is stainless steel constructed with excelence finishng and comes with two(2) years warranty.

* Pure water production data are given just only for information purposes and are subject to modifications depending on feed water quality and its temperature.

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