Company Innovations

Glass and Panel Cleaning Equipment, GPCE, brings in the market innovative, effective and safe technical solutions for cleaning purposes based on pure water. 

Within this spirit we launch by the end of 2015 in the European market the new series RO-DI cleaning machines (1-2-3) Black which is a 5 stages mobile purification system. The new series models operate by feeding water from wells and is dedicated for PV Parks cleaning which are installed at the countryside. Please mention these systems are unique in the market. 

GPCE launched in 2016 doodlebugs, water fed pad systems, to clean very dirt surfaces without scraching their surfaces.


GPCE launched in 2017 pure water delivery systems operating on both 230V and 12V.


GPCE launched by early 2018 the new Rodi Eco using tap water, for the cleaning of windows,  PV Panels and other Smooth Facades without detergents. Eco is a simple, reliable and low cost 4 stages purification system. 


Now GPCE is launching rinse bars for water fed brushes and water fed pads reducing by 40% the cleaning time! 


All above machineries, subsystems, equipment and automations are focused on completing the cleaning jobs  

  • faster
  • with high performance
  • safely
  • with less money and
  • eco friendly


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